Artfully Autistic – The Beauty of Autism Within the Written Word, Music, and the Visual Arts

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New Medium Publication – For Us, By Us
Artfully Autistic – The Beauty of Autism Within the Written Word, Music, Crafts, and the Visual Arts

Note: First, let me make this clear. I am not an employee of Medium or any of it’s affiliates, I am simply a Writer on Medium who happens to be Autistic and who has a personal goal to Advocate for Autism in any way I can.

So With That Cleared Up, Here’s the Scoop . . .
I have just recently created a brand new Medium Publication for all you American and global Autistic friends and Aspies out there. …


Art, Music, Photography, Poetry, New Letters, News, Widgets, and Profiles

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    Medium member since Dec 2020
  • Accalia Baronets
    An Autistic woman with ADHD.
  • Aspen Blue
    Medium member since Feb 2020
    Writer, poet, scientist, educator, humanist, autist; Published in: | follow @AspienBlue
  • BloodyWinter01♾✡️🎧🍓
    “Great writer, but no Profile :-( •Keira Fulton-Fees”
  • Caroline Smith
    Medium member since Sep 2020
    I am really open-minded,spiritual;I support people with physical challenges because I have been around them most of my life even though I am ambulatory.
  • Dean Waters
    Medium member since Aug 2020
    Depression survivor. Likely Autistic. Science lover. Parent of a herd of kids.
  • EarthNamek
    Medium member since Jun 2020
    Autistic/queer activist & race traitor reporting critically on autism, gender/LGBTQ+ issues, politics & White supremacy | MSW | …

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Kool-Aid, Beer, and Scotch Whiskey


Take the red pill, or the blue pill. Or, is there something else?

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Who do you turn when your life has become an overtightened screw, when you are the broken chair in the room that no one would choose, and your heart echos with hollow beats of living, but fighting the deepest want to reach the last and final rhythm.

Who do you turn when with each try you have driven has been met with trivialized lack of accommodation, comes then the realization that there exists no reprise, as there is no one person in each and all professions that truly understands the pervasive path of your condition.

Who do you turn when the only salvation from the isolation is but a barely open coffin, and etched in plotted stone within the graveyard of your mind is the name of someone still living, but is in a state of being far less than mere existence. …

Snapshots of an unheard song

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Photo by Arild Lilliboe on

In sequestered shoe boxes somewhere sits the saddened shuffled snapshots of smiles seldom seen.

Memories masqueraded merrily, the marooned memorabilia that melted in mimicry misbelieved.

The forgotten forgeries faded fastly to the former fraught to be framed, as fakely formed faces fall to false familiarity.

Thoughts of a boat, a dock, a chain alive with vivid imagery.

A life, a home, a bonding, of each thought respectively. All must be present to weather the deadly storms upon the sea.

A boat remaining dockless will surely be cast at sea, and the bonding chain will fail with a rusted forge dampened by the futures’ missing dreams. …

The wisdom of the greatest of thinkers

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WordArt by Keira Fulton-Lees

For lack of a better word, this is more of a widget than a story.

As a workaround to the missing programmability feature within the Medium Editor, I provided a button below on this page titled [Get a Quote], which is really not a button but an image.

When you click that [Get A Quote] button below, it redirects you to my dedicated VPS server website to access programming code that does a random lookup of quotes that I have stored in a database on my server.

You can stay on that page and press the [Get a Quote] as long as you want to return quotes from an ever growing database. …

Living with hope despite adversity

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In the days that lay before me
Will the past year’s horrid trauma
Cast dark clouds in veiled reality
Will I open the box of Pandora
To find true joy that frees?

In the days that lay before me
Will they be wrought with the unknown?
As the unknown proceeds so vastly
With unhappiness, if it is known,
Befalls you to live in known unhappiness pervasively

In the days that lay before me
Will I conquer the unseen demon?
Stamp it devoid of uncertainty?
Fear and Anxiety – The evils origin
False-beliefs the evils tell you, flip quip them instantly.

In the days that lay before me
I have but hope to hold onto
Hope is but the only reason that I still live and breathe.
Within my darkest hours, I plan but fail the impromptu. …

To All the Artfully Autistic Writers

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Keira Fulton-Lees

Artfully Autistic Advocate for Autism – Writer, Editor, Artist, Creator of the Medium Publication: Artfully Autistic:

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