Indifferent Stranger

¹ Image content by the Oxford Learners’ Dictionary – Screenshot by Author

Indifferent stranger
I see it in your eyes
The winds of trust deceiving
Fail to prophesize
You are not my enslaver
I will not concede
Your world of exclusion
Is not what we are meant to be

Indifferent stranger
Estranged from empathy
I cannot make eye contact
But still my eyes can see
You put me in danger
Stigma starts to bleed
Your world so called normal
Excludes the atypical me

Indifferent stranger
You claim superiority
Deciding I am abnormal
And was born a bad seed
Because I seem stranger
Acting differently
Your world voids diversity
As something that should not be seen

Indifferent stranger
I am not less than thee
An alien to this planet
A brain wired differently
I am an arranger
I mask socially
Your world accepts dishonesty
While lies are black and white to me

Indifferent stranger
I am proud to be me
For I have superpowers
You look but just don’t see
I am a craver
Of knowledge you see
Your world filled emotionally
While mine finds truth and purity

Indifferent stranger
Never the twain shall meet
For I stand like an island
In an ocean unseen
I am a savior
For those that are like me
My world is lived Autistically
While yours is Inhumanity

ArtfullyAutistic — The Beauty of Autism Within the Written Word, Music, Crafts, and the Visual Arts
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