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This the most insightful, vulnerably courageous, open-heartedly articulated article on Autistic Stimming that I have ever read!

I read "That's me" within your every word.

Oh so chocked full of gems of wisdom that I'll definitely be doin' some deep thinkin' on stimmin' with all the intensity of the good and bad ole' over-the-top Autistic hyperfocusin' that I can muster up – That is until I can't stop the obsession and inevitably melt down.

My favorite stim is spinning!

I have this hydraulic Aesthetician's chair that I picked up a Goodwill for 10$ that spins a full 360°.

For me, it helps like this:

When the stress of the demands of being Autistic in a world that was not made for spin my brain into overload and out of control, I get in my spin stim chair and spin it around in circles as fast as I can.

How does this help?

Maybe there's some kind of psychological thing to it?

Maybe, the spinning makes me feel drunk?
Like there's some kind of psycho-alcoholic-alogical effect to it?

Dunno. I think that it hgelps because I can't control the overload and stress of being Autistic in an unpredictable Neurotypical word, I can control the spinning of my chair, which spins all the overload and lack of control out of my brain.

For this Autistic, a controlled spin is way better than an uncontrolled spin!

Thank you for being you.

Thank your for your words.

Thank you for offering up a light-bulb moment.

Who'da thunk?

“Purpose Driven Stimming” – Free from the need to beg others to forgive us for what we NEED to be doing!

Never lose that Autistic Joy!

♫ I need that joy, joy, joy, joy ♫

♫ Down in my heart, down in my heart to stay ♫

♫ I need that joy, joy, joy, joy ♫

♫ Down in my heart, down in my heart to stay ♫

– “for King & Country” | Excerpt from their song “Joy”


Keira Fulton-Lees
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