Poetry – Keira Fulton-Lees – Unmade Beds – Sadness is Not Depression

Unmade Beds – Sadness is Not Depression…

Poetry by Keira Fulton-Lees

Keira Fulton-Lees


Photography by Keira Fulton-Lees

Sadness is an unmade bed
You crawl into each day
Depression is the bed you’re in
Not seen any other way

Sadness is an empty frig
Dirty dishes in the sink
Depression is you cease to fill
The frig with food or drink

Sadness is a quiet phone
While you still may have some friends
Depression is a phone that rings
Until those friendships end

Sadness is a glass that's seen
Half empty now and then
Depression is you break the glass
And see the shards as friends

Sadness is an empty chair
Within a crowded room
Depression is you're in that chair
But no one there see's you

Sadness is a sleepless night
At work a little late…
Depression is blood curdling screams
From nightmares you never wake

Sadness is you say “I'm fine”
Although, “...a little down”
Depression is the same reply
From a soul that's nearly drowned

Sadness is a broken heart
That given time will heal
Depression is an empty heart
That just no longer feels

Sadness is a little child
Standing all alone
Depression is that child is you
Although you're fully grown

Sadness is an ice cream box
Emptied spoon by spoon
Depression is you somehow feel
That frozen box is you

Sadness is a burst of rain
On your picnic day
Depression's when the skies then clear
But you're still standing in the rain

Sadness is the mournful horn
Of a train lost in the night
Depression is you're on that train
With only hell in sight

Sadness is a winter's day
Bleak and overcast
Depression is that day turns years
And seems will ever last

Sadness is to look at life
Through a darkened veil
Depression is the veil is gone
And think what you see is real

Sadness is feeling small
And all the world too huge
Depression is a fetal crawl
Back into the womb

Sadness is the day ahead
Seems only but to dread
Depression is those days become
A slower form of dead

Two words confused too commonly
This needs to cross your mind
When misused, you’re telling lies
When just one words benign

The other word we all must learn
A million lives it claims
Suffering in silent pain
We die from it each day

And when you start to use that word
When feeling “a little blue”
Stop yourself, just say you're “sad”
There's nothing killing you !

So this I plead for all that read
Give these words a little thought
Depression is a disease THAT KILLS
Sadness? Well, it clearly just IS NOT !

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