Simple Things

A poem about childhood fears of growing-up, uncertainty about their future, and having someone be there for them.

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Photo by Gregory Culmer on Unsplash

The simple things in life I see
Of butterflies and birds and trees
A sea of smiles pure and free
With all my heart I’m listening

From silky sand between my toes
From tiny hands bright buckets flow
A castle here, a giggle there
Near mom, hold tight, in case I’m scared

If darkened clouds wear me thin
Pull covers tight and close to chin
Then shivering and gasp to breathe
I ride the waves uncertainly

Will the suns both sides I feel?
Or hope? Or calm? Or love? Or fear?
And will I know when moments near?

Words Softly.

Speak Slowly..

Simply Be — The Beauty of Autism Within the Written Word — The Beauty of Autism Within the Written Word
-= Keira Fulton-Lees, As.D. =-
Artfully Autistic Advocate for Autism
© 2019

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